Sourcing and Buying Whitegoods, All in a Day

Whitegoods often make up the majority of the essentials in a household. Without them, you might have a hard time washing dishes, doing laundry, or cooking meals. While there are some whitegoods made locally in Australia like AEG and Westinghouse, the average cost of a kitchen appliance setup regardless of location could cost you a pretty penny. Costs will usually range anywhere between $320 to even $10,600 or more. 

How Do You Get the Savings?

There are a few ways that you can start saving on whitegoods in Australia. Unfortunately, the cost of living in Australia is pushing people onto the poverty line so every bit of savings can help instead of paying hefty sticker prices. 

To keep yourself from spending more than you have, from spending what you could be saving, and to keep yourself from simply going without functioning appliances, you’ll want to make yourself familiar with some of the most popular ways that you can start saving on whitegoods in Australia. 


Waiting It Out for Sales and Promotions

One of the easiest ways to save on whitegoods is to wait until there’s a sale or a promotion. You can often find out about upcoming sales by visiting the company’s website, asking staff directly, or looking through sales papers. 

Retailers always have some type of sale going on and if you can hold out, you can usually find significant savings. If you know that a new model is being released soon, it might be worth it to wait for the older model of what you’re looking for to go on sale as well.

A lot of stores will promote their sales through social media too, so make sure that you’re following your favourite retailers on the social platforms that they advertise.


Ask In-Store Staff Directly

When you’re in the store, it’s always worth asking the staff about any deals or promotions that might be going on or you could use a negotiating tactic. Oftentimes, especially with smaller supply locations, staff might be willing to negotiate with you just to ensure they get and retain your business. 


Setting up a Digital Iou to Ask a Mate

One of the better options is to simply ask one of your mates for the advance. What you can do is use this method in conjunction with one of the other tactics to still get the money you need to cover the cost of the whitegoods that you want while still receiving a discount on the purchase. 

One thing to keep in mind is that many stores have in-store lay-by or pay-over-time options. Considering that many of these agreements may be associated with additional fees or interest, it would be best to shy away from this choice. Around 26% of Australians use this option, but there are smarter ways of borrowing such as….using a digital IOU.

For example, you could tell your mate that you’re going to buy the whitegoods on sale next week and then ask if they could lend you the money now after you set up a quick, efficient, and secure lending agreement with them. This way, you get the discount from waiting for the sale and you don’t have to pay any interest because it’s just a favour between mates. 

It’s a win-win situation for both of you.

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