Need to borrow cash for your vet bills?

We are challenging the traditional IOU

Pet owners often account for food, toys, and pet stays when they are out of town when it comes to finances.

Not many proactively prepare for their pet getting injured or sick. If you need cash to care for your pet, then we know that you’ll probably have a friend who is willing to help you out.

With our digital-IOU you benefit from an increased chance of an OK and your friend or family member benefits from the peace-of-mind of automated repayments.  We are rethinking IOUs and we call it #cashsharing

Pet parents often feel like their pet is a part of the family and that’s because they are. 

Just like humans, our furry family members….can fall ill or hurt themselves just as easily if not more easily than we can. So, how much is the average vet bill? What do you do when you just can’t pay it? And, how do you prepare for the worst without breaking the bank?

Generally speaking, in Australia, if you plan to take your dog in for a checkup, you could end up paying between $50 and $100 and vaccinations for puppies could cost up to $200 each. These are just standard things for general pet care.

For emergency vet bills, let’s say a snake bite, for example, you may pay up to $2,133 for treatment, and cancer treatments in dogs could cost over $3,500. These prices often leave pet owners wondering where they can seek relief.

To better prepare yourself for pet emergencies just as you would for yourself, consider setting up an emergency fund. You can use IOUcash to do it and in just minutes you can set up a quick, efficient, and secure lending agreement with friends or family.

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