Reinventing IOUs

We want tradies at the front of our queue.

Let’s face it, getting $$$ from clients can frequently be a hassle and take up your valuable time.

With our digital-IOU you benefit from the peace-of-mind of automated repayments.  More than that, your clients benefit when you make life easier for them too.

Getting paid faster as a contractor can feel like pulling teeth at the best of times — and it’s often easier said than done.

When you need funds in between clients that are slow to pay their invoices, turn to a more reliable option to keep you afloat in the meantime. Using a digital IOU is a way that mates can help each other without the hassle of handling physical money or the worry of not being paid back.

With IOUcash, you write your own plan for borrowing, agree to your own terms with your mate, and pay it forward on each repayment date you’ve set and that’s all there is to it.

So why not give yourself some breathing room in between client repayments?

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