Don’t “afterpay”, ask a mate!

We call it #cashsharing.

Got something you really want to do?  Short of the cash you need to achieve it? 

Before you lock yourself into one of the “buy now, pay later” services remember, there may be an easier way.

Try #cashsharing with a digital IOU.

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, Aussies are doing it tough. Now that we are out of lockdowns we are all keen to get on with life, achieve some goals and have some fun.  The “Buy Now, Pay Later” options might be tempting, but the fees make it expensive, so many Aussies are turning to their mates to help out.

Rather than flat-out asking a mate or family member for cash a digital IOU allows you to remove all the awkwardness. Engaging a third-party in this way ensures you maintain that personal relationship. Your friend will be comforted by the fact a plan is in place for repayment, you’ll have the cash you need (not to mention saving on those fees) – a win win for everyone.

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